Independent Escort Vs Singapore Escort Agency – Which Is Better?

Independent Escort Vs Singapore Escort Agency – Which Is Better?

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Should you find an independent escort from websites such as Locanto or Backpage Singapore (though Backpage Singapore has already shut down) or from an escort agency? If you have wondered about this question, then this article is a must read for you.

Independent vs escort agencies – The choice depends on your personal preference

The choice really depends on your preferences, however, I strongly recommend you also consider the legalities of it before making a decision.

Do you prefer foreigners?

If you are trying to engage a foreign escort girl while in Singapore, then it must be from independent sites like Locanto. This is simply because agencies in Singapore are all technically not allowed to hire foreigners on visitor VISAs. Although some do so illegally, as a customer, you will likely be called up for investigation if you engage their services as well. This is the danger of hiring foreign girls in Singapore as your social escort.

(Please check with the relevant legalities before deciding to proceed with agencies sending you foreign girls, as that is strictly illegal. If it’s an independent escort who is not Singaporean, then chances are also that it is illegal. Remember – Singapore’s laws are strict.)

Another side note for you to take note of before engaging escort girls in Singapore, is that verification on independent sites like Locanto are murky at best. Fake photos can be easily found on independent sites and fake photos are the last thing you want. Even once is one too many. Unfortunately, this is case for 99-100% of the listings on sites like that. That is one of the bad things about independents in Singapore – most are fake! While this may not be the case when it comes to escort service in countries other than Singapore, it is true 97-98% of the time when it comes to Singapore.

Big legal disclaimer – find foreigners at your own legal risk

P.S. Do not say I did not warn you about the legality of hiring foreigners (either independents or through agencies) as well as the high probability of being cat-fished.

Here’s the choice if you want to find Singapore girls

On the other hand, if you want a true blue local Singapore escort, then your life is easy. Simply Google and look for a local agency in Singapore such as PhunkN Singapore local escort service because is the best way to find a local Singaporean girl. Agencies are definitely the way to go if you are looking to find a SG social escort. Top agencies such as PhunkN and the like only hire Singaporean SG girls.

In a nutshell, if you want quality and safety, then you need to contact agencies for SG models. What if you want foreign models? You are stepping into the legal danger zone.