Why Are More Girls In Singapore Becoming Social Escorts And Sugar Babies?

Why are more girls in Singapore becoming social escorts or sugar babies? We shall look at some of the potential reasons these women do so.

Did you know that a large majority of social escorts in Singapore are actually college or university students? That is right. You can check out the video below, and as you can see, this phenomenon is happening throughout the world. Many young and attractive female university students are becoming escorts and sugar babies. The main reason for this is to pay off their student loans. However, there are other reasons as well.

Second of all, since social escort clients are usually much older and much wealthier men, these university students have lots to learn from them. Being wealthier and more financially successful also means that other than being able to provide the escorts with cash, they are able to impart some financial and success knowledge to the girls. This is very useful to the girls since they are still in university, and are just about to start their careers.

Third of all, Singaporeans are also becoming liberal culturally. With the Internet, every country is becoming more integrative of different types of cultures. Therefore, the stigma against social escorts is much less significant these days, compared to the past. That’s why many girls are joining agencies like SG VIP Escorts (see below).

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SG VIP Escorts

Next of all, when it comes to a ‘regular’ job, what happens is that many of these jobs require fixed hours per week. This is not very feasible for university students, since project work can take up a lot of unexpected time which is not previously accounted for. However, when it comes to social escort jobs, it is flexible in timing and allows the escort to choose the timing (within reason of course). Therefore, it is a great way for female university students to make a lot of extra pocket money (sometimes much more than a graduate!).

In a nutshell, there are lots of reasons that local girls may want to become a social escort in Singapore.