Can Being A Social Escort Change You?

Can Being A Social Escort Change You?

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It is often said that taking on certain jobs will change you forever. Some top corporate jobs will change you and make you stressed out. Some jobs like insurance agent jobs will make you thick skinned. Other jobs like being a social escort can make you more materialistic.

Check out the following video I have shared at the bottom of this article to learn more about how being a social escort has made a local Singaporean girl more materialistic.

If you are interested in wanting to be an escort like many other local girls in Singapore after watching the following video, and want to find out more what the daily life of a social escort in Singapore is like, then check out this video.

Being a social escort is about knowing how to bring men out on a romantic date, and being a pretend girlfriend. Most of these men are lonely and thus want a beautiful female companion with them.

With that said, what are some other ways in which being one can change your life?

1. Judging men based on their financial success

In the following video, Giselle, the interviewed escort said that she now judges men more readily than the past. She now compartmentalizes men into two categories – rich men and poor men.

When asked whether that will affect her in her personal life when it comes to looking for a long term boyfriend and eventually husband, she replied that she still rated reliability and dependability higher than monetary success when it comes to a long term one.

2. Learn more about business and finances

Something interesting is that Giselle mentioned that she learnt some financial, economical and business principles as a result of doing a social escort job. This is because most of the men are rich, and are business executives or entrepreneurs. They constantly dabble in the business world, and would prefer a girl who can at least converse with them in that area. Therefore, to increase her attractiveness to clients and prospective clients, she had to learn some basic business and financial principles.

3. Missing social gatherings

There are also other side effects of being a social escort in Singapore. Due to Singapore’s conservative culture, most girls do not tell others, including their close friends and family members that they work as an escort on the side. As a result of this, they may tend to miss social gatherings and whatnot if they want to make extra money. But thankfully, the large amounts of money that a SG girl can potentially make as an escort model do make a reduced social life significantly easier to accept.

As you can tell from the above paragraphs, as well as from the following video interview, being a social escort will definitely change you. There are definitely a lot of other good as well as bad ways in which being an escort can affect you other than those I had mentioned. Make sure to watch the following video to find out more about how being a social escort in Singapore can change your life forever!