Escorts Vs Sugar Babies in Singapore – A Dating Comparison

Should you date escorts or sugar babies if you are a rich man in Singapore? We seek to answer that question by tearing apart the various pros and cons of each type of dating.

Escorts – They definitely cost more if you want to meet them as often as you would usually meet a regular sugar baby. However, if you do not intend to meet their your escort of choice or sugar baby more than 2-3 times a month, then a social escort is a much better and cheaper option.
Sugar babies – If you want a more committed relationship, and meet many times a month e.g. 5 to 10 times or even more with one sugar baby, then it is definitely cheaper to arrange for a monthly allowance with a sugar baby than finding social escorts. The only main downside is that you only are stuck with one baby.

Ease of dating:
Escorts – Dating an escort can feel more transactional. However, the good thing about this is that you can easily date an escort regardless of your social skills or your looks or height. It simply does not matter. What matters is that you approach a registered, legal agency in Singapore like SG VIP Escorts (see below image) and you can quickly set a date, time and meeting point to meet the social escort of your dreams.

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Sugar babies – Although it is much easier to get a girl on sugar dating websites compared to normal dating websites, simply because you are offering money for regular paid dates, it is not as easy as you may think. This is because it is not as simple as you offering money and they will want to meet you. It is easy to get favorited or messaged online, but to meet them in real life is not as easy as you may think, as sometimes you may accidentally piss them off and they never want to talk to you again. Sugar babies are great for rich men who are also ok with talking to girls smoothly. If you cannot type properly and sound like a gentleman over text, then it is not recommended. It will usually take some time between first seeing a girl, contacting her, and eventually getting to meet her. It is more similar to that of dating on sites like Okcupid and Tinder.

Biggest problems:
Escorts – Although most escort agencies have some selection choice, not all escorts are available at any given time or any given date. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay open to choices, and have a few selected/shortlisted escorts you are willing to meet instead of only wanting to meet one social escort only.
Sugar babies – There are some very nice sugar babies. However, some are there to suck money out of you and then try to blackmail you later if they know you are married. The bad thing is that you need to vet through the identities and integrity of the babies yourself. If you are a rich man in Singapore, you probably are a busy businessman or executive. Therefore, it can be quite high risk dating the wrong baby.

Biggest benefits:
Escorts – They are a truly no strings attached relationship, and you decide exactly how long the relationship will be for. They won’t try to cling onto you like a sugar baby would. They are there when you want them, and when you don’t want them, there is no questions asked – the social escort will leave! It is really that simple!
Sugar babies – If you are actually looking for a long term relationship with one girl, but do not wish to get financially entangled with her, then it is highly advisable to date sugar babies instead. If you were to compare them to escorts, they are basically like some form of ‘long term escorts’. While they are more expensive than social escorts in the long term, they are far cheaper than a wife in the event there is a potential divorce and if you are a rich man.

No Girlfriend? No Problem. Just Buy The Girlfriend Experience!

If you never had a girlfriend, and want to know how it feels like to have one, you no longer need to go through friendzones, rejections, ‘you’re a nice guy but I’m not the right girl for you’ nonsense. If you have the cash, you can simply spend and purchase the romantic girlfriend experience (GFE) today in Singapore.

No matter how pretty you like your girl to be, you can simply have your pick from the escort agency’s website. Simply pick the girl you want and you will then be able to go out with the girl.

Not every guy is lucky enough to have many girlfriends before, or is able to attract girls to them easily. Some guys don’t have the time to date because of their work, some guys do not look that handsome or attractive, and other guys may not know how to talk to girls in a way that will attract the ladies. In the past, these guys would be stuck being forever alone, and many of these guys end up lacking confidence when it comes to getting girls. This ends up becoming a vicious cycle and the guy remains single forever, never knowing how it feels like having a romantic date with an actually pretty girlfriend.

If you are a guy in Singapore, you must have heard or seen some of these nonsense by girls before:

  • “You’re a nice guy, just not my type.” (a.k.a. friendzoned)
  • “I like you only as a friend, just not in a romantic or any other way” (a.k.a. friendzoned)
  • “You’re too short.”
  • “You’re too skinny, I would break your bones.”
  • “Ew, you’re too nerdy.”
  • “You’re so busy, how can we even date?”

Or, you could have had some of the following scenarios happen to you:

  • The flirtatious girl suddenly ignores you once she knows you actually like her
  • Every girl you like doesn’t seem attracted to you
  • Every girl treats you like the plague
  • You have many platonic girl friends but do not have one single girl friend who is interested in you romantically
  • You have girls who like you but they look like crap – ugly and fat or terrible dress sense
  • They try to get you to marry them, but only interested in your money and nothing else
  • They tell their friends (and somehow the info leaked to you) that they only like you for your money, and continually bad mouth you otherwise – what a b*tch

Thankfully with girlfriend experience escorts, you do not need to lower your standards and get together with a less than desirable looking girl. You can still get together and feel as though you have a beautiful woman as your girlfriend.

Many guys do not have the confidence to go after a really hot local Singaporean girl and know how to get her to like you. This is especially so for men who have never had a girlfriend their entire lives before.

By engaging a GFE social escort in Singapore, you will be able to break past your confidence barrier easily. Many forever alone guys engage social escorts so that they can gain confidence – after which they will be able to get girls without needing to flaunt their wealth, and even if they do not look like a modern day Kpop star. It is more of a confidence builder.

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