Where To Find Indian Social Escorts In Singapore?

Are you looking for an Indian escort in Singapore? Here are some quick tips to help you find the Indian girl of your dreams quickly.

  1. First of all, the most efficient way to look for an Indian social escort in Singapore is actually online. In fact, a quick Google search for social escorts will show you lots of results of girls of all different ages and races in Singapore. Perhaps that is how you found this article too.
  2. When it comes to Singapore, you will not be able to find physical offices or agencies in public for social escorts. (Of course, if you are looking for prostitutes instead, then you can go to Geylang where there may be some legal brothels.) If you are looking for a romantic companion instead, then online is the only way you can find escort agencies in Singapore. And really, it is also the most efficient way to find them any where in the world.
  3. Keep in mind that you definitely want to steer clear of independent sites such as Locanto. While there are lots of listings there, you will be severely disappointed when the Bollywood looking beauty you see on Locanto turns out to be a 40 year old aunty in Singapore who is 50 kg overweight. Lots of fake photographs are circulating around independent sites, and I strongly do not recommend using them. If you must, then proceed with caution, or you will bump into escorts using fake photographs. Imagine turning up somewhere expecting a hot date to be with you, only to end up with an overweight aunty. How disappointing. Steer clear of such sites.
  4. Try to use agencies wherever possible, when it comes to Indian escorts in Singapore. However, do note that legal agencies are only allowed to work with locals, meaning that they can only work with local Singaporean Indians. If for whatever weird reason you decide to engage an illegal agency working with foreigners, and they get prosecuted for hiring illegal foreign workers, you will get questioned as well. Remember, this is Singapore.

If you need a good recommendation, you may want to check out www.phunkn.com for some local Indian escorts in Singapore.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Social Escorts In Singapore

Here are 5 things you never knew about social escorts in Singapore.

First of all, social escorts in other countries may be lowly educated, but social escorts in Singapore are almost always highly educated – at least the desirable ones are. Most escorts from top agencies like SG VIP Escorts are usually at least Diploma or Degree holders. Most people tend to get the impression that escort models are ITE drop outs and are ah lians. However, the truth cannot be further from that!

Second of all, social escorts in Singapore do not do it full time. Few models actually do nothing but escorting work. There may be full time models in cities such as Las Vegas, but that is almost always not the case in Singapore. Even if they are full time, they are usually just waiting for their university to start or perhaps in between different day jobs. Many of them work during their free times during the weekdays and weekends as an escort.

Third of all, most girls actually become escorts because they want to pay off their college loans. As mentioned above, most escorts are actually undergraduates or graduates. Unfortunately, because college loans are so expensive, girls become escorts to quickly pay off their debt easily!

Fourth of all, many girls who are escorts are sugar babies. Also, many sugar babies are also escorts. This is because they are highly similar in nature and are basically paid companions. However, if you want to find out more differences, then make sure to check out my previous post on the differences between escorts and sugar babies.

Finally, social escorts can potentially make multiple times their day job income while working as an escort during their free time. This is because escorts do not come cheap, and the attractive ones also get a lot of clients. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to date a hot, attractive, and elegant local SG girl without risking the chance of being rejected at the club?

Can Being A Social Escort Change You?

It is often said that taking on certain jobs will change you forever. Some top corporate jobs will change you and make you stressed out. Some jobs like insurance agent jobs will make you thick skinned. Other jobs like being a social escort can make you more materialistic.

Check out the following video I have shared at the bottom of this article to learn more about how being a social escort has made a local Singaporean girl more materialistic.

If you are interested in wanting to be an escort like many other local girls in Singapore after watching the following video, and want to find out more what the daily life of a social escort in Singapore is like, then check out this video.

Being a social escort is about knowing how to bring men out on a romantic date, and being a pretend girlfriend. Most of these men are lonely and thus want a beautiful female companion with them.

With that said, what are some other ways in which being one can change your life?

1. Judging men based on their financial success

In the following video, Giselle, the interviewed escort said that she now judges men more readily than the past. She now compartmentalizes men into two categories – rich men and poor men.

When asked whether that will affect her in her personal life when it comes to looking for a long term boyfriend and eventually husband, she replied that she still rated reliability and dependability higher than monetary success when it comes to a long term one.

2. Learn more about business and finances

Something interesting is that Giselle mentioned that she learnt some financial, economical and business principles as a result of doing a social escort job. This is because most of the men are rich, and are business executives or entrepreneurs. They constantly dabble in the business world, and would prefer a girl who can at least converse with them in that area. Therefore, to increase her attractiveness to clients and prospective clients, she had to learn some basic business and financial principles.

3. Missing social gatherings

There are also other side effects of being a social escort in Singapore. Due to Singapore’s conservative culture, most girls do not tell others, including their close friends and family members that they work as an escort on the side. As a result of this, they may tend to miss social gatherings and whatnot if they want to make extra money. But thankfully, the large amounts of money that a SG girl can potentially make as an escort model do make a reduced social life significantly easier to accept.

As you can tell from the above paragraphs, as well as from the following video interview, being a social escort will definitely change you. There are definitely a lot of other good as well as bad ways in which being an escort can affect you other than those I had mentioned. Make sure to watch the following video to find out more about how being a social escort in Singapore can change your life forever!

Why Singaporean Men Are Turning To Escorts Instead Of ‘Normal’ Dating

I have noticed in Singapore a steady trend among young and wealthy men turning to escorts instead of ‘dating normally’. Of course, there may be many reasons for this trend in Singapore, and here I offer my opinions of why some men are turning to social escorts.

Women in Singapore can be standoffish. If you have not been to a Western country, you may think that Singapore girls are friendly. However, if you actually have been to Western countries, you will realize that many Singapore girls are actually much harder to please, and you will find that most of them do not react well at all to strangers approaching them. Most women in other countries are open to guys talking to them, then they decide if they wish to take their relationship further. However, due to the conservative attitude in Singapore towards strangers, if you so much as tried to flirt with a random girl in Singapore, even if she did like you, she will pretend she doesn’t. Yes, you read that right. Girls in Singapore, even if they like you, will pretend they don’t. This is called their natural instinct to reject strangers as most parents in Singapore tell their children since young not to talk to strangers. Therefore, it is quite difficult to get a girl to open up to you if you tried flirting with her.

Women in Singapore are also status seeking. This does not necessarily mean that she will look only for wealthy men. Singaporean women like looking for any man with status – meaning they are ideally attractive, rich and successful. The problem with this is that if you are indeed successful, and showed off to a new stranger, chances are, there is a high risk you may accidentally attract a lot of gold diggers who will then be a big hassle for you to get rid off in future. If they get married to you and tried divorcing, half your assets will be gone forever on top of painful alimony money. However, if you don’t show that you are richer than most men in Singapore, most local girls probably won’t even look at you. Rich men are thus caught in a catch 22 in Singapore.

Local girls do not respond on dating applications. If you have ever tried to download Tinder or the local PakTor app, what you will soon realize is that although you may get a decent amount of connects and girls, you will find it difficult to get any of the girls to even reply your messages… much less be able to get them out to meet you. If you tried showing your wealth, half the local girls won’t believe anything they see on your profile, and the other half just wants you for the money and suck your bank account dry and couldn’t care less about you.

As you can see from the above, it can be a real pain to ‘date normally’ in Singapore. Of course, if you intend to get married soon, then there is no choice for you. But if you are just looking for short term relationships/romantic girlfriend experience, then it is probably a much better idea to find a GFE escort from a local agency likeĀ facebook.com/sgvipservices/ to get the romantic girlfriend experience – after all, great social escorts are experts at this.

This is especially the case if you are rich and want to remain so. That’s part of the reason some rich men who want no strings attached relationships turn to escorts. Although escorts can cost a lot of money, in the long run, they are much cheaper than gold digging girlfriends, who will ask you for designer handbags or luxury holidays every month or week. Additionally, as a successful man, you are probably busy, and don’t have time to play dating games. With a GFE escort, you are guaranteed a romantic girlfriend experience as long as you have the cash to pay.