Types Of Courier Services In Singapore

There are many courier companies in Singapore, and likewise, most of them specialize in slightly different things to differentiate themselves. Here is an overview of most types of courier services you can find in Singapore.

  1. Lorry deliveries
    These are usually for furniture though, so strictly speaking, this is usually not associated with courier services, but instead are with moving services. However, I want to still mention it here because many people ask me about it.
  2. Islandwide courier service
    One of the most common types of courier services offered by virtually every courier company in Singapore, islandwide same day deliveries is something that you should be able to get from most companies.
  3. E-commerce deliveries
    These are companies which target the last mile deliveries. This is essentially about delivering the products sold online to the end consumer (and also usually mean residential deliveries).

Additionally, there are usually two main types of vehicles used for courier services in Singapore – cars/vans or bikes. Bikes are usually the ones used for document deliveries, while cars/vans are used for big parcel deliveries. This is because bike rates are usually significantly cheaper than van/car rates, and also, they can usually only transport smaller items. However, not to worry, most courier companies are responsible enough to ensure that the items you’re delivering is kept well and protected from the elements of the weather.

The above are just some of the most common types of courier services offered in Singapore by companies, and how they are usually carried out. Islandwide courier service is carried out both by bike as well as van couriers, depending on what items need delivery. Ecommerce deliveries on the other hand almost always uses vans because they need to pick up large amount of goods at once, and delivering to many different places right after that. There is simply not enough for products in the back of a motorcycle.

Alright, so let me know if the above details and information has helped you understand about courier services offered within Singapore! Let me know.

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