3 Differences Between Courier Services & Postal Services

If you are an Ecommerce / book business owner, you surely must have looked around for information and alternatives for distributing your books directly to your consumer. Two of the main choices you will be able to find is postal services as well as Singapore courier services. However, what are their differences and which one is more suitable for the distribution of your books?

First of all, if you’re trying to spend money, look at postal services. “Hey! What are you talking about?” you may argue. Hey listen here. If you send your items through the slow and inefficient postal services (and more importantly, unaccountable services), if your package gets lost, there is no accountability for it and the SingPost doesn’t give a crap about your book and won’t even bother checking what happened to it for you. That’s what happens when you try to save money with low quality services for non-important documents – you spend more money in the long-term. Short term savings for long term losses – which do you prefer? For me, I need accountability. I’m sending something so important as my product to my customers, the least I want is accountability.

Second of all, when it comes to courier services, I can choose whether I want same day delivery for my books or I want a cheaper, mass distribution model. If I need same day delivery, all I have to do is to pay a little bit more and get my local courier company to do it for me. In my case I can get PCAMasters.com to get it done for me. On the other hand, if it’s less urgent, I just get them to distribute it over the next few working days. As long as they’re all accounted for and my products are well protected from the rain / weather elements, I’m happy. Accountability is key when it comes to courier.

Third of all, when it comes to courier services, it’s more per trip because the courier personally picks up from whatever location / pick up address you indicate to pick up your books / products and distribute it to your customers. This is different from postal services where you need to go to the nearest SingPost branch to drop off your product to be distributed.

Last but not least, read through what I have mentioned above, and make the decision based on long term benefits… at least that’s if you intend to be in business for a long time – which I certainly am!

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