Always be kept updated with your Singapore delivery status

As a business owner, business manager or simply an employee working under orders of someone else in a company or organization, there are many times where you are tasked to deliver something or get a courier to help you pick up and deliver an item within Singapore. This means that you would likely need to look around for a courier company to help you perform delivery services. However, if you did a little shopping at least, you will learn that most courier companies don’t provide you with any kind of updates when it comes to the completion of the delivery.

It is important to be kept updated with the status of your courier deliveries. Why? This is because you usually courier something of high importance and significance, and that’s why it’s absolutely essential that whatever happens to your package or the status of your delivery should be made known to you.

If you are delivering books like me to your customers on a daily basis, then it’s important for you to at least know the status of your item pick up (if you are getting the courier company to pick up the items directly from a warehouse or the book publisher), and also know the status of your deliveries (e.g. whether it has been received by your customers e.t.c.).

I personally don’t bother with tracking when it comes to packages / books being sent to customers in Singapore, because it doesn’t have to pass through any lengthy customs process, security checks e.t.c. anyway because I use a local publisher in Singapore, so I just need to know that the books have been picked up and whether or not it has successfully reached the hands of my customers. Sometimes, I also need to send invoices as well as contracts, and because I’m so busy with my admin work, I can’t have the time and luxury to deliver everything myself, so I just engage courier service. That’s why I need to know the status of my deliveries and whether the intended recipient has received the items.

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