5 Things you should ask the Singapore courier companies

Focused on giving readers tips on logistics operations for their books business in Singapore, I’m going to dedicate this post on the 5 things you should ask the courier company during the negotiation phase.

You should always do your homework, especially for things like outsourcing your books deliveries which is so important. Gather a list of courier companies such as PCA Masters and ask them these 5 key questions:

1. What vehicle will they use for the delivery of your books? Some courier companies operate a fleet of motorcycles, or vans, or lorries, or a mix up these 3 types of vehicles. You will only want to engage a courier company that uses a covered vehicle for the delivery of your books. This means motorcycles will be totally out of the question. Covered vans and lorries will be needed.The vehicles need to be covered for simple reasons – you cannot afford your books to get wet. Your books will get damaged if they are wet and no customers will buy a wet book or a book that looks rugged after drying up from its wet state.

2. What is the price per delivery? As it will be a long term commitment, you will want the best value out of the deal. Compare your options. If you find the service quality of the different courier companies similar, then go for the one which offers you the best price. Remember not to be too fixated on the price. You should weigh both factors – quality and price. If the price is too cheap, you will stay away too.

3. Is there a minimum contract period? While it is reasonable to lock into a contract for long term deliveries, try not to enter into a contract which is too long. 3 or 6 months contracts will be quite sufficient.

4. Are there insurance coverage for the loss or damages on your items? You should get a courier company which will compensate you adequately if the items are lost or damaged, just in case. Courier companies like PCA Masters offer insurance coverage up to 100 Singapore Dollars per item.

5. What happens if the items are undelivered due to circumstances happening on the customers’ end? The courier companies will typically offer re-delivery services. Check with them that they are willing to re-deliver the items.

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