Delivery Logistics For Ecommerce Businesses

Who else would you learn how to manage your logistics other than one of the biggest online retailers in the world? Amazon, that’s right.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and as you can see from the thumbnail of the above video, it has a ridiculous amount of inventory in its massive warehouses.

Although few single book seller sells at that volume, it’s still nice to learn from the #1 book seller in the world in operating their logistics. As a person who wants to be a successful author, you need to embrace both ebooks as well as offline, hardcopy books. When your number of order increases, you need to know how to deal with your delivery packaging (if needed) as well as how to scale your operations so that you can still sell and fulfill your orders promptly while maintaining a positive cash flow.

Watch the above video, you will easily understand how to build a thriving logistics and delivery process. There are many such logistics and courier services for book writers related videos on YouTube, and you should take some time and invest in learning that. This is so that you know how to identify a good logistics company and outsourcing your deliveries to them, or perhaps even know how to set up your own in house delivery processes to fulfill your orders. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of every single part of your own business regardless whether you are going to fulfill the courier services of your books yourself or not. This is to ensure that your customer service and customer experience is maximized.

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