Courier Delivering Books In Singapore

I have been in the Ebooks business for a long time, ever since I knew about Internet marketing. However, I recently decided to diversify my business’s income slightly as well, and grow it by tapping into offline book deliveries. As I sell mostly to businesses and consumers in Singapore, I needed to look into ways how to distribute my books because I sold them online and not in bookstores (after all, there were barely any good bookstores left, all went bankrupt).

I got my local courier delivery from PCA Masters. So basically how they picked up my books and got it delivered to my customers was that they simply picked it up from my publisher once a week, and delivered islandwide then. My volume is not high, it’s only 20 per week, so I engage PCA Masters around 80 times per month. For a book seller, I certainly think that’s very low volume, but nonetheless that’s how I do it.

So I’ll just like to share with some of you how I picked PCA Masters as some people ask how to pick a good courier provider. Here’s a list of questions I ask myself and the courier company before picking a local courier service:

  • Are they responsive? The last thing I want is a company that doesn’t respond to my emails or calls. This is especially the case because they are likely handling valuable items.
  • Are their deliverymen on time? If a courier is late, despite a customer picking a particular time, then it would be pretty reasonable for the customer not to be around at a later non-specified time. Re-delivery would then be both troublesome and costly. Even in the cases for companies which provide free re-deliveries, it’s a bad first impression for the customer because they’re waiting eagerly for my books which they have bought. If you ever had an online business you will know that one of the biggest fears that online customers have with product purchases is that the product never arrives or arrives so late that the customer starts worrying about the company’s integrity. Don’t let that happen to you. Pick a courier company which is punctual by testing them out for small volume of deliveries first, then increasing volume over time.
  • Tracking is not that important in Singapore, because you just need to know that the item is picked up and delivered, which is simple, because the process is more straightforward versus international deliveries where your products and books are required to pass through customs.
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