Types Of Courier Services In Singapore

There are many courier companies in Singapore, and likewise, most of them specialize in slightly different things to differentiate themselves. Here is an overview of most types of courier services you can find in Singapore.

  1. Lorry deliveries
    These are usually for furniture though, so strictly speaking, this is usually not associated with courier services, but instead are with moving services. However, I want to still mention it here because many people ask me about it.
  2. Islandwide courier service
    One of the most common types of courier services offered by virtually every courier company in Singapore, islandwide same day deliveries is something that you should be able to get from most companies.
  3. E-commerce deliveries
    These are companies which target the last mile deliveries. This is essentially about delivering the products sold online to the end consumer (and also usually mean residential deliveries).

Additionally, there are usually two main types of vehicles used for courier services in Singapore – cars/vans or bikes. Bikes are usually the ones used for document deliveries, while cars/vans are used for big parcel deliveries. This is because bike rates are usually significantly cheaper than van/car rates, and also, they can usually only transport smaller items. However, not to worry, most courier companies are responsible enough to ensure that the items you’re delivering is kept well and protected from the elements of the weather.

The above are just some of the most common types of courier services offered in Singapore by companies, and how they are usually carried out. Islandwide courier service is carried out both by bike as well as van couriers, depending on what items need delivery. Ecommerce deliveries on the other hand almost always uses vans because they need to pick up large amount of goods at once, and delivering to many different places right after that. There is simply not enough for products in the back of a motorcycle.

Alright, so let me know if the above details and information has helped you understand about courier services offered within Singapore! Let me know.

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3 Differences Between Courier Services & Postal Services

If you are an Ecommerce / book business owner, you surely must have looked around for information and alternatives for distributing your books directly to your consumer. Two of the main choices you will be able to find is postal services as well as Singapore courier services. However, what are their differences and which one is more suitable for the distribution of your books?

First of all, if you’re trying to spend money, look at postal services. “Hey! What are you talking about?” you may argue. Hey listen here. If you send your items through the slow and inefficient postal services (and more importantly, unaccountable services), if your package gets lost, there is no accountability for it and the SingPost doesn’t give a crap about your book and won’t even bother checking what happened to it for you. That’s what happens when you try to save money with low quality services for non-important documents – you spend more money in the long-term. Short term savings for long term losses – which do you prefer? For me, I need accountability. I’m sending something so important as my product to my customers, the least I want is accountability.

Second of all, when it comes to courier services, I can choose whether I want same day delivery for my books or I want a cheaper, mass distribution model. If I need same day delivery, all I have to do is to pay a little bit more and get my local courier company to do it for me. In my case I can get PCAMasters.com to get it done for me. On the other hand, if it’s less urgent, I just get them to distribute it over the next few working days. As long as they’re all accounted for and my products are well protected from the rain / weather elements, I’m happy. Accountability is key when it comes to courier.

Third of all, when it comes to courier services, it’s more per trip because the courier personally picks up from whatever location / pick up address you indicate to pick up your books / products and distribute it to your customers. This is different from postal services where you need to go to the nearest SingPost branch to drop off your product to be distributed.

Last but not least, read through what I have mentioned above, and make the decision based on long term benefits… at least that’s if you intend to be in business for a long time – which I certainly am!

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Always be kept updated with your Singapore delivery status

As a business owner, business manager or simply an employee working under orders of someone else in a company or organization, there are many times where you are tasked to deliver something or get a courier to help you pick up and deliver an item within Singapore. This means that you would likely need to look around for a courier company to help you perform delivery services. However, if you did a little shopping at least, you will learn that most courier companies don’t provide you with any kind of updates when it comes to the completion of the delivery.

It is important to be kept updated with the status of your courier deliveries. Why? This is because you usually courier something of high importance and significance, and that’s why it’s absolutely essential that whatever happens to your package or the status of your delivery should be made known to you.

If you are delivering books like me to your customers on a daily basis, then it’s important for you to at least know the status of your item pick up (if you are getting the courier company to pick up the items directly from a warehouse or the book publisher), and also know the status of your deliveries (e.g. whether it has been received by your customers e.t.c.).

I personally don’t bother with tracking when it comes to packages / books being sent to customers in Singapore, because it doesn’t have to pass through any lengthy customs process, security checks e.t.c. anyway because I use a local publisher in Singapore, so I just need to know that the books have been picked up and whether or not it has successfully reached the hands of my customers. Sometimes, I also need to send invoices as well as contracts, and because I’m so busy with my admin work, I can’t have the time and luxury to deliver everything myself, so I just engage courier service. That’s why I need to know the status of my deliveries and whether the intended recipient has received the items.

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Ways to partner with your Singapore courier company

To become a successful businessman, one must be very resourceful and creative. He must know how to make the best use of his network and resources in order to reach greater heights. There are a lot of things which can produce quite the unexpected results. You will just have to do some creative thinking.

When you partner with a courier company, you need them to handle your logistics well for you. All the deliveries must be completed promptly, and the courier company must keep you in the loop of any incidents during the deliveries. Apart from the logistics, what can your courier company help you with? Are there any other ways to partner with your Singapore courier company?

Well, one of the obvious ways is to forge a close relationship with the management of the courier company. Businessmen likes to gather together and expand their own network. If you built a close relationship with the management, they may refer you to their business network which will further expand your network. The more people you know, the better it is for you. Not only can you expand your knowledge by mingling with the like-minded people around you, you can also know the people to approach when you need help in business.

Another way to partner with your Singapore courier company is rather creative – ask them to advertise your business. This may seem a little odd but there are some sense for this. Courier companies have a huge customer base. The number of customers they serve is massive. Hence, you will be able to achieve some mass marketing effect here if the courier company helps you. If your product or service is highly relevant to what the customers of the courier company is looking for, then it will make more sense. There are two ways to do this.

1. Advertise on their Facebook page. Courier companies have Facebook page these days. See this – PCA Masters Singapore. Their Facebook page may be accessed by their customers from time to time and it doesn’t hurt to have an ad copy there.

2. Ask the couriers to spread word of mouth for your business. Just by spending a minute of the courier’s time will get your brand out to each customer.

There are probably a lot more ways than the two above-mentioned methods above to partner with your courier company. You can not only use the couriers to delivery books in Singapore, you should also partner with them in creative ways and to forge closer ties.

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You should get courier services for your books distribution in Singapore

As a smart business owner, you should know all the ins and outs of your business. You should know how to run the company operations in each of the departments. For instance, how to manage your sales processes correctly, how to manage your operations, and how to keep track of your company finances. Only when you have a complete understanding of how to run your company operations and where your company is heading, can you effectively grow your business. Having said that, as a smart business owner, you should also know which tasks are high-value and critical that you will need to handle yourself. For the low-value and routine tasks, you should hire someone to manage it for you. Do not let these simple tasks use up your previous time.

book distribution

Between hiring your own deliverymen to handle the distribution of your books and seeking courier services from courier companies in Singapore, I will always choose the latter option. It is not difficult to see why. Firstly, you only pay per unit price when you engage courier services from a courier company. This is especially critical for Ecommerce business owners because the demand of their products will fluctuate from month to month. If they require less deliveries, they will pay the courier company less. If they require more deliveries, they will pay the courier more. They can easily calculate the gross profit margin from that. If you hire your own deliverymen to manage the logistics, you will incur fixed costs every month. If the demand for your goods is particular low for a month, it will hit your gross profit margins.

Secondly, courier companies are expert in logistics. Look at PCA Masters: http://www.pcamasters.com/courier-delivery-singapore. Check out their website and their portfolio. The couriers from the courier companies have vast experience and expertise in delivering items in Singapore. Coupled with the advance technologies used by the courier companies, there is so much that you need to do in order to match up with their delivery standards.

Managing the delivery logistics for Ecommerce businesses is tedious and requires a lot of work. If you do not believe that your internal team can handle them well, do not take the risk and outsource it to a courier company instead. Delivery is also a part of the service and can affect customers’ judgement of your company.

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5 Things you should ask the Singapore courier companies

Focused on giving readers tips on logistics operations for their books business in Singapore, I’m going to dedicate this post on the 5 things you should ask the courier company during the negotiation phase.

You should always do your homework, especially for things like outsourcing your books deliveries which is so important. Gather a list of courier companies such as PCA Masters and ask them these 5 key questions:

1. What vehicle will they use for the delivery of your books? Some courier companies operate a fleet of motorcycles, or vans, or lorries, or a mix up these 3 types of vehicles. You will only want to engage a courier company that uses a covered vehicle for the delivery of your books. This means motorcycles will be totally out of the question. Covered vans and lorries will be needed.The vehicles need to be covered for simple reasons – you cannot afford your books to get wet. Your books will get damaged if they are wet and no customers will buy a wet book or a book that looks rugged after drying up from its wet state.

2. What is the price per delivery? As it will be a long term commitment, you will want the best value out of the deal. Compare your options. If you find the service quality of the different courier companies similar, then go for the one which offers you the best price. Remember not to be too fixated on the price. You should weigh both factors – quality and price. If the price is too cheap, you will stay away too.

3. Is there a minimum contract period? While it is reasonable to lock into a contract for long term deliveries, try not to enter into a contract which is too long. 3 or 6 months contracts will be quite sufficient.

4. Are there insurance coverage for the loss or damages on your items? You should get a courier company which will compensate you adequately if the items are lost or damaged, just in case. Courier companies like PCA Masters offer insurance coverage up to 100 Singapore Dollars per item.

5. What happens if the items are undelivered due to circumstances happening on the customers’ end? The courier companies will typically offer re-delivery services. Check with them that they are willing to re-deliver the items.

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Delivery Logistics For Ecommerce Businesses

Who else would you learn how to manage your logistics other than one of the biggest online retailers in the world? Amazon, that’s right.

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and as you can see from the thumbnail of the above video, it has a ridiculous amount of inventory in its massive warehouses.

Although few single book seller sells at that volume, it’s still nice to learn from the #1 book seller in the world in operating their logistics. As a person who wants to be a successful author, you need to embrace both ebooks as well as offline, hardcopy books. When your number of order increases, you need to know how to deal with your delivery packaging (if needed) as well as how to scale your operations so that you can still sell and fulfill your orders promptly while maintaining a positive cash flow.

Watch the above video, you will easily understand how to build a thriving logistics and delivery process. There are many such logistics and courier services for book writers related videos on YouTube, and you should take some time and invest in learning that. This is so that you know how to identify a good logistics company and outsourcing your deliveries to them, or perhaps even know how to set up your own in house delivery processes to fulfill your orders. It’s important to understand the ins and outs of every single part of your own business regardless whether you are going to fulfill the courier services of your books yourself or not. This is to ensure that your customer service and customer experience is maximized.

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Courier Delivering Books In Singapore

I have been in the Ebooks business for a long time, ever since I knew about Internet marketing. However, I recently decided to diversify my business’s income slightly as well, and grow it by tapping into offline book deliveries. As I sell mostly to businesses and consumers in Singapore, I needed to look into ways how to distribute my books because I sold them online and not in bookstores (after all, there were barely any good bookstores left, all went bankrupt).

I got my local courier delivery from PCA Masters. So basically how they picked up my books and got it delivered to my customers was that they simply picked it up from my publisher once a week, and delivered islandwide then. My volume is not high, it’s only 20 per week, so I engage PCA Masters around 80 times per month. For a book seller, I certainly think that’s very low volume, but nonetheless that’s how I do it.

So I’ll just like to share with some of you how I picked PCA Masters as some people ask how to pick a good courier provider. Here’s a list of questions I ask myself and the courier company before picking a local courier service:

  • Are they responsive? The last thing I want is a company that doesn’t respond to my emails or calls. This is especially the case because they are likely handling valuable items.
  • Are their deliverymen on time? If a courier is late, despite a customer picking a particular time, then it would be pretty reasonable for the customer not to be around at a later non-specified time. Re-delivery would then be both troublesome and costly. Even in the cases for companies which provide free re-deliveries, it’s a bad first impression for the customer because they’re waiting eagerly for my books which they have bought. If you ever had an online business you will know that one of the biggest fears that online customers have with product purchases is that the product never arrives or arrives so late that the customer starts worrying about the company’s integrity. Don’t let that happen to you. Pick a courier company which is punctual by testing them out for small volume of deliveries first, then increasing volume over time.
  • Tracking is not that important in Singapore, because you just need to know that the item is picked up and delivered, which is simple, because the process is more straightforward versus international deliveries where your products and books are required to pass through customs.
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